DIY manicures require time, patience, and the kind of precision only those who are ambidextrous possess—until now. Enter British nail brand Nails Inc. and their latest beauty lifesaver—spray on nail polish. You’re welcome.

By Real Simple
Updated June 10, 2016

Why meticulously paint your nails when you can quickly spray paint them instead? That was the thought process behind the genius creation of Nails Inc. Paint Can Spray Can Nail Polish ($12,, which eliminates that moment of panic when you're running to a meeting or social event and you glance at your chipped and/or naked nails and cringe. Here’s how the new polish works:


Apply a base coat and do your best to keep it off of your cuticles (since this is what the paint adheres to). The company suggests using their own version, Paint Can’s Best Friend 2 in 1 Base and Top Coat ($8,, but any brand will do. (Tip: Manicurists stress to clean your nail beds thoroughly by going over them with a cotton ball soaked in polish remover to remove any oil before swiping on base coat to make your manicure last longer. So if you have time, do that.)


Before you spray, protect the surface area you’re using (the paint has a strong smell, so a well-ventilated area is best). Shake the paint can. Hold it about six inches away from your hand, then spray using short bursts directly onto the nail. You only need one coat, since the formula is super pigmented. The paint will get on your skin—no need to worry. Wait two to three minutes.


Next, brush on a top coat (avoiding your cuticles). Let dry.


The fun part: Head to the sink. With warm soapy water, wash away any excess polish from your skin (it comes off with a little scrubbing). Not near water? A cleansing wipe works, too.

The cans range in color from neutrals, like Mayfair Lane, a soft pink, to West End, a bright orange-red, and some metallics like Mayfair Market, a rose gold. No, this won’t be the most durable manicure ever, but you should get up to four days of perfect 10 tips. Bonus: If you have a chipped manicure and don’t have time to start over, spray the polish over top (then follow steps 2 through 4).