The best way to get rid of acne is to prevent it. Here's one tip, according to dermatologists.


It's not fun to wake up with acne. Pimples can take what seems like forever to diminish, redness is its own monster to tackle, and getting rid of acne scars and dark spots can seem impossible. Preventing breakouts to begin with is usually more ideal than figuring out how to get rid of acne after the fact, whether that's with a tried-and-true skin-care routine or careful avoidance of breakout triggers like sugary foods and sweat.

Unfortunately, we can't avoid sweat forever. Even if you're some sort of unicorn who doesn't sweat when you work out, chances are you do in other situations (admit it!) especially now that summer is approaching. Our instinct may be to wipe away facial moisture as it's not exactly considered attractive, but the way you're doing that is actually making you more prone to break outs or the inflammation of pre-existing acne.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, you should always dab, not wipe, sweat from your face with a clean towel or cloth. It turns out a wiping motion can irritate your skin and cause subsequent acne flare ups.

While most of us probably just use the back of our hands or sleeves to quickly get rid of sweat, those moves aren't ideal either and can let dirt and bacteria mix with our sweat, clogging pores. If you anticipate sweating—i.e. before a workout or a hot day at the beach—it's best practice to take off your makeup beforehand and use only oil-free, waterproof sunscreens on your clean skin.

So, next time you find your face dotted with sweat (looking at you, gym unicorns), grab a cloth and pat those droplets away. Then, when you're able, wash your face with a non-comedogenic or oil-free gentle face wash to make sure you get all that bacteria off before it has a chance to do some damage.