Check out these derm-approved blemish busters for easy (and affordable!) ways to beat breakouts.

By Colleen Sullivan
June 07, 2017

Banana peels, strawberries, yogurt and ice. What do these kitchen staples have in common? According to top dermatologists, they’re what you should be reaching for the next time your skin breaks out. Yes, we're giving you permission to forget pricey, over-the-counter blemish busters. Those aisles are crowded with hundreds of products. And the ingredients lists? Forget it. That tiny text is nearly impossible to read. And who has time to stand there debating between them all anyway? Rather than linger in the drugstore aisle or conduct tedious research the next time a pimple pops up, you can count on these at-home acne fighters. Each item on this list was recommended by a dermatologist, so you can feel confident that these solutions will work. And that's the kind of confidence you need when you wake up on the day of a big event with an unsightly blemish on your face. 


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