How to Get Softer Feet

With sandal season in full swing, it’s time to give your feet some TLC. No time for the salon? Here, six easy-to-use products that will whip your heels into shape at home.


Spongellé Pedi Buffer


Loaded with a glycerin, peppermint, and sea kelp cleanser, this sponge lathers up when you add water to gently buff heels for about 30 uses. Choose between zesty mandarin mint or refreshing beach grass.

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Sephora Collection Foot Mask


Slip on these hydrating menthol and hyaluronic acid-infused booties for softer feet in just 20 minutes. Massage in any leftover product, then toss the used socks for a mess-free clean up.

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Body & Sole Soapy Toes Sole Mates


Whether you have knee or back problems and can’t reach your toes or you’re just feeling lazy, this in-shower foot scrubber will quickly become your new best friend. The plastic bristle brush contains a suction cup to secure to the bottom of your shower or tub, so all you have to do is glide your feet across it. Add a squirt of body wash to the brush before massaging for a luxurious lather and soft, clean feet.

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Dr. Scholl’s DreamWalk Smooth My Sole Micro File


No time to soak or scrub? Remove rough skin and calluses fast with this gentle file. The stainless steel applicator is housed in an easy-to-hold, palm-sized plastic container that catches any messy shavings as you go.

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Body Glide Foot Anti Blister Balm


Strappy sandal season can mean major rubbing and blisters (ouch). Keep your feet happy by smoothing on this vitamin A and C hydrating balm to protect problem areas before blisters form. The invisible formula sinks right in (no sticky or wet feeling!) and allows straps to slide across skin with ease.

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Baby Foot


If your cracked and callused heels are in need of a major overhaul, try these booties. Inside the plastic socks are 17 types of natural extracts, including fruit acids and glycolic, lactic, and salicylic acids that work to peel off the outer layer of dead skin to reveal the baby-soft skin underneath. Simply wear the booties for an hour, then wait three-to-seven days for the peeling process to begin.

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