These soft, breathable socks will keep your feet comfortable, despite spiking temperatures. 

By Savannah James
Updated July 27, 2017
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No-Show Wool Running Socks

Athleisure is still a huge trend this summer, which means lots of sneakers and socks, leading to sweaty feet when temperatures are lingering in the nineties. And since most socks are made out of cotton—a material that retains moisture—the wardrobe staple can lead to sweaty feet and, worse, uncomfortable bacterial infections. Cotton fibers are also more likely to rub against your skin, creating blisters.

Instead, consider Merino wool. If you hear the word wool and immediately think of your least favorite, most itchy sweater, erase that connotation from your mind. The fabric is being used more and more in the sock and shoe industry (just look at the wildly popular Allbirds), because this wool can be blended with trace amounts of other fabrics. As a result, this magical fabric will keep your feet cool and dry in the summer and warm in the winter.

You can expect to pay a bit more for Merino wool socks, but the comfort really does reign supreme. And you can score a three-pack of Merino wool socks with a mesh top for extra ventilation on Amazon for $35. The toes and heels on this particular pair also feature extra padding to banish blisters and provide a little cushion for your feet while you're pounding the pavement. Choose from seven different colors—everything from white and black to pink and green. No matter what color you choose, though, the no-show construction ensures you'll always look fashionable and those life-saving socks will remain your little secret.