You’ll be one step closer to softer feet.

By Maya Gandara
April 07, 2020

If you’re spending more time on your beauty regimen while quarantined, why not allot some of that time for foot care? It may not seem as glamorous as a face mask or a DIY manicure, but our feet need some TLC every now and then, too. Plus, with sandal season approaching, unwelcome calluses and dry skin need not make an appearance—and we discovered just the solution for tackling those pesky foot concerns while you’re stuck at home. 

Patchology offers all types of skincare products for a range of persistent issues, including everything from sheet masks to eye gels to foot masks, like the PoshPeel PediCure. The four-step foot treatment targets calluses and dead skin, giving your feet a smoother surface in one hour. Made with exfoliating salicylic acid, brightening botanical extracts, and free radical-fighting antioxidants, the formula speeds up cell turnover and sloughs off old skin. Your feet are transformed into a much healthier state after just one use. 

Begin the treatment by soaking your feet in warm water, then pour the AHA and BHA activating formula into each of the included sock-like “masks” before placing both of your feet in and sealing the closures. After one hour (those who need a deeper exfoliation can extend an extra 30 minutes), rinse your feet off and begin the waiting process. Over the next two weeks, dry skin and calluses will progressively peel off, eventually revealing new, baby-soft skin. While the process can initially be intimidating, reviewers seem to agree that the end result (and the unpleasant skin shedding) is worth the wait.

“I was hesitant when I bought these. But, a whole week after use my feet are completely peeling off,” wrote one shopper. “And the parts that have shedded are softer than they have been in years. The packaging is cute, and the process was fun. I felt like I was doing some kind of a science experiment at first while mixing the bags. I will advise...make sure you are OK with wearing socks and closed toe shoes for a week once you start peeling. Because it isn't pretty during the process.”

There’s no better time than now to devote extra attention to your feet, so treat them to the PoshPeel PediCure foot mask just in time for spring weather. 

Patchology PoshPeel PediCureTo buy: $20;