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8 Chic Manicure and Pedicure Color Combinations for Fall

You’ve probably packed away your strappy sandals and wedges for next summer, and the days spent with your neon-painted toes in the sand are over, so try these pretty manicure and pedicure pairings to help you transition into fall. You don’t have to wait until next spring to get creative with your pedicure colors just because your toes will be covered as the weather turns cooler. It’s still fun to choose some interesting colors on your toes (and plus, it might cure the post-summer blues), instead of opting for clear polish or plain nails. Plus, if you’re lucky to live in a warm climate and can swing open-toed shoes in October and November, you can don these combinations separately on your fingers and toes to show them off. Or, paint them together on your tips (yes, nail art is still a thing). There’s a color combination for any style or mood. Want to stick to the basics? Try wine and mauve nail polish colors together—wine is a classic color for this season, while mauve doesn’t stray far from the color palette. To take it to another level, try a warm latte-colored brown paired with a sparkly copper hue for a bit of a metallic surprise. And if you’re feeling really daring, pair two metallics together—might we suggest a glittery charcoal hue and a silver polish? Whichever combination you choose, it’s fun to experiment with your nail colors this fall.  

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