5 DIY Pedicure Tips That Will Save You Time and Money

Get salon-quality results in the comfort of your own home.

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A DIY pedicure is always a good idea. Between getting to save a little extra cash while also being able to do self-care in the comfort of your own home while watching your favorite Netflix series, it can be a truly relaxing and enjoyable experience.

The only catch is that when doing an at-home pedicure, sometimes you miss the salon-quality results. From the freshly exfoliated and smooth feet, high-shine polish, and long-lasting results, it can feel like your DIY attempt never truly measures up in comparison. But that doesn't always need to be the case. All it takes is the right tools and tips to help you achieve those same professional-looking results at home.

We gathered five hacks and tips that will get you a beautiful, long-lasting pedicure—for half the price and time.

1. Do your pedicure post-shower.

According to Rita Remark, a nail artist and Essie global lead educator, the best time to do your pedicure is shortly after a shower. "Your feet will be clean, and your nails and cuticles will be soft enough to push back and manicure easily," she says. "It cuts your pedicure time in half!"

2. Moisturize.

"If you use cuticle oil and moisturizer on your feet before bed, your pedicure will last much longer," says Remark. "Hydrated feet are less prone to calluses and overgrown cuticles."

3. Try a fast–drying top coat.

Nothing is worse than smudging your freshly manicured toes, but also waiting around for them to dry can feel like a game of "the floor is lava." Avoid smudges by getting a fast-drying topcoat, like Essie Speed Setter top coat ($12, target.com), which dries in less than one minute.

4. Try quick drying drops.

In addition to a fast-drying topcoat, drying drops are another life savior for drying a fresh pedicure in half the time. We recommend the Olive & June Dry Drops ($10, oliveandjune.com) because all it takes is 80 seconds and one to two drops to set your polish and dry it to the touch. It'll also make your pedicure super shiny.

5. Try two-step exfoliation treatment for cracked heels.

If you have thick, cracked heels, Remark recommends trying a two-step treatment that consists of deep exfoliation. "Before your next bath or shower, file your heels dry using a heel file and focusing on the roughest areas," she says. "Then, midway into your bath or shower, file them again when the skin is soft." Once you're out of the shower, quickly follow up with a moisturizing body lotion, and you'll experience super soft feet that feel like they just stepped out of the salon.

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