Have a love-hate relationship with gel nail polish? The pros: The polish is super shiny and lasts for weeks—there's no annoying chips regardless of how many dishes you do. The cons: The dreaded removal process takes time and can seriously wreck your nails. We asked celebrity nail expert, Tracylee (@luxebytracylee), for her advice on taking off gel polish at home.

By Heather Muir Maffei
April 28, 2017

While it's easy to point the finger at gel polish, Tracylee explains nail damage occurs because of improper removal—not the product itself. 

"Never buff, file, push, pick, or peel off gel polish," warns Tracylee. "Doing so will remove the delicate keratin layers of your nails and weaken them," she explains. "And unlike our skin, nails don't regenerate the same way, so once a nail is damaged, it needs to grow out with all of the layers intact, which can take up to three or four months." Follow these steps to ensure a safe gel mani removal.

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