Do your new shoes give you blisters? Try these helpful tricks to ease the pain.

By Andra Chantim
Updated October 08, 2013
Peter Oumanski

“My favorite new shoes give me horrible blisters.”

Jen, via e-mail

The fix: The old Band-Aid–as-buffer trick works in a pinch (get it?), but there are better and more discreet tactics to keep new kicks from rubbing you the wrong way. Meghan Cleary, the author of the style guide Shoe Are You? ($18,, recommends sticking foam cushions onto problem spots in shoes. Foot Petals makes a variety of sizes, including narrow strips that fit skinny straps ($7 for eight, Or borrow a runners’ trick and coat the blister-prone parts of your feet with an invisible antichafing balm before putting on shoes (try Bodyglide for Her; $8, For serious friction prevention under full-coverage footwear, Marlene Reid, M.D., a podiatric surgeon in Naperville, Illinois, suggests a wide, self-adhering elastic wrap (try the 3M Nexcare No Hurt Wrap; $5 at drugstores). And consider a preemptive effort to protect the backs of your heels, a common spot for blisters: Gently push in the upper rear sections of new shoes a few times to help soften the material before wearing.

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