Not so fast.

By Alyssa Clough
Updated September 29, 2015
John Lawton

This article originally appeared on MIMI.

Sheer polish had a *moment* this summer. And while we're all super excited for the moody maroons and shimmery coppers for fall, even formulas claiming to be the opaquest of the opaque seem to be touting a one-coat promise these days. So what's the deal?

We hit up our resident manicure expert (and founder of one of our fave polish brands) Deborah Lippmann to get the skinny on the trend. She reminded us that personal preference has a part to play, saying "If you like a very sheer, barely there finish, one coat of polish is absolutely fine, provided you're still using a base and top coat." But continued to say, "However, I typically stick to two thin coats of polish to achieve the full effect of the color."

So in other words, if you prefer a more sheer finish and are pleased with the color of your nails after just one coat, it's totally okay to leave it at that. But Lippmann warned—sensing our impatience—that we shouldn't attempt to get the first coat to look like the same color as the bottle. And we shouldn't be upset if it does take us two coats to get there.

Verdict: Applying two coats of polish definitely is not a thing of the past—but you shouldn't count out opting for one coat either.