Your feet will thank you.

By Real Simple
Updated June 04, 2015
Credit: Joyus

Feet looking a little worse for the wear? Enter the Footmate system. It takes the idea of a DIY pedicure to a new level—this in-shower foot scrubber softens and smooths skin on the bottom and sides of your feet while giving you a nice circulation boost as well. This non-slip suctioned scrubber may look more like something to clean the bathtub as opposed to your toes, but once you lather up with the included rejuvenating wash and rub your foot along the customized bristles (the softer ones are on the bottom), you’ll become addicted to your softer, smoother, sandal-ready feet. Maintenance and storage is easy: The Footmate is mildew resistant, and you can either leave it suctioned to your shower floor or against the shower wall when not in use.

You can purchase Footmate just below the video or at this link. Real Simple is an affiliate partner of Joyus.