Take your mid-week nails from sad to sophisticated using one of these simple solutions.

By Heather Muir Maffei
July 28, 2016

Regardless if you DIY your manicure or you pop by your local salon on the weekends for a polish change, having your nails done can help you feel pulled together and ready to take on the week—especially if there's a big meeting or event on your calendar. Fast forward to Thursday (or Wednesday if you've been on dish duty), when you notice that your once shiny, pristinely-shaped nails are—ugh—chipped and dull. If you remove the polish, you're back to square one with naked nails; if you leave them as is, you risk running into your boss or fancy friend who might judge your unkept tips. We asked Katie Jane Hughes, Global Colour Ambassador for Butter London, for easy ideas on how to revive a tarnished mani. Here, your cheat sheet for when your nails have seen better days—you'll save time by not having to start from scratch, plus you'll look like you got professional nail art.

First: Before busting out the polish, quickly file any rough edges or snags. Then proceed with one of these techniques:

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