Celebrate the season with these fun designs.

By Real Simple
Updated March 14, 2017
Catherine Lane
CatLane/Getty Images

Sure, you’ve got your Easter outfit planned for a brunch or dinner with family, but if you want to try something new, think about nail art in your favorite Easter motifs and colors. We’re talking bunnies, eggs, pretty flowers, and even a favorite classic candy (Peeps!). If you don’t have a steady hand or much time, try an accent nail. Or if you’re looking to splurge at the salon, show these to your manicurist as Easter nail art inspiration.


Peeps Nails

Speckled Eggs

Ultimate Easter Nails

Spring Flowers

Cheerful Polka Dots

Grassy Nails


Little Chicks

Spring Foliage

Bunny Accent Nail