An Easy Holiday Manicure You Can Do Yourself

For something a little more subtle than say candy-cane stripes—or chunky glitter gradient nails—but no less festive, try a marbled mani instead. It’s easier to do than you think (really, we tried it) and can be worn through the New Year.


Step 1

Photo by Heather Muir

Apply basecoat and one coat of an opaque neutral polish like OPI Nail Lacquer in Alpine Snow ($9, so you get an even canvas for marbling. Let dry.


Step 2

Using two to three accent colors, place a few dots of each polish onto your nail, letting them overlap a little. While the polish is still wet, take a nail striping brush like Winning Nails Thin Red Sable Nail Art Striping Brush ($10, and swirl it gently between the dots until they are connected across your nail bed. Repeat on each finger.


Step 3

Dry longer than usual to ensure no streaks (which will mess up the marble effect) and finish with a glossy topcoat like Dior Gel Coat ($27,