Every Pedicure Color You Should Try in 2022

It's time to switch things up.

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While you may associate pedicures with strappy sandals and warm weather, proper foot care should be a part of your year-round beauty ritual. And since you're already down there, may as well experiment with a few cute polish colors. Yes, you heard us right: Just because your toes may be concealed in the winter, doesn't mean you need to wait until it heats up to experiment with creative hues.

"The good thing about pedicures is that they're not as noticeable as your manicures, so you can take color risks," says Rita Remark, Essie's global lead educator and nail artist.

"People typically don't look at their feet often enough, but whenever they do, the color should bring them some sort of joy," adds Riyah Martin, editorial nail artist and color mixologist at ORLY Color Labs.

So look away from dark, vampy hues and consider checking out some of the hottest pedicure colors of 2022, including bright, bold reds, pastels, and blues. To help get you started, the two nail artists share their favorite must-try pedicure colors for 2022.


Essie Lilacism

Lilac is one of Remark's all-time favorite pedi shades. "It's still a trending shade and it's no wonder why," she says. "It's extremely versatile and complements most outfits yet has more personality than a nude shade."

Soft White

Pleasing Perfect Pearl Polish

There's no such thing as season exclusivity when it comes to shades of white—and these soft hues prove that sentiment to be true. The best part? You can wear them during the chilliest of winter days or in sweltering summer temps. "This sheer, semi-translucent white is perfect for spring and goes well with all skin tones," says Martin.


Essie Wink of Sleep

This year, Pantone selected Veri Peri as its color of the year, so it only makes sense that periwinkle would finally get its moment. Essie's Wink of Sleep makes the perfect dupe for the color of the year, which is why it's highly recommended by Remark. "It looks great on every skin tone," she says. "Think of it like denim: It goes with everything."

Mint Green

Ella + Mila Earth's Finest

Anything that reminds us of ice cream is an automatic yes in our books, which is why the popularity of this mint green shade makes perfect sense. "As a green lover, this is at the top of my list," says Martin. "A soft minty green just feels so right for spring, especially, because of how green the earth becomes after winter."

Orly Fresh Start

Orly's Fresh Start is another wonderful mint if you want to give this trend a chance.


LeChat Banana Split

Martin advises opting for a pastel yellow, purple, or pink option. "It's not often you see yellow or other pastels shine, but if you're going to do it, warmer temperatures are the perfect time to get a super soft, simple color."

Baby Blue

OPI It's a Boy

Prepare for blue to be your most-used pedicure color this season.

Olive & June Honest & True

To further dip your toes into the trend, try Olive & June's Honest & True.

Bright Reds

Essie Geranium

Red has long been crowned a go-to pedi color, but it's time to ditch the classic shades of red and opt for something a bit brighter. Remark says that her favorite shade is Essie's Geranium as it's the closest a red can get to a neon.

Bubblegum Pink

Côte's No. 113

"I love a classic bubblegum pink pedi," says Remark. "This particular pink hue sits comfortably on the line between cute and punk, depending on how you wear it."

Essie Haute to Trot

Another option is Essie's Haute To Trot.


Essie Sunny Business

If you ever feel like escaping to warm summer nights on the Mediterranean, then paint your nails with a lemony yellow variation. "This is a yellow that's not at all in-your-face," says Remark. "It's soft with neutral undertones and a light speckle of glitter—it's perfect for medium to deep skin tones."


Orly The Snuggle Is Real

For those who like to stick to neutrals, mauve is a pedicure color that works for everyone. "While mauve is not a typical color move, when the shade is a tiny bit closer to purple undertones versus red, it's honestly delightful," says Martin.

Dior Grace

Another great option is Dior's Grace if this shade piques your interest.

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