Because open-toe sandal season is already here.

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Baby Foot Exfoliant Peel Amazon
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The last four months we spent hiding from the world in heavy socks and weatherproof boots are beginning to show. Now that it’s officially springtime, our feet need serious work to get sandal ready.

If your heels need a little more TLC than an express pedicure can provide, thousands of Amazon shoppers think they’ve found the solution. Baby Foot Original Exfoliant Foot Peel is a cult exfoliating treatment that will literally cause your dead foot skin to peel off like a shedding snake—and it has over 11,000 glowing reviews on Amazon.

The treatment comes in two Christmas stocking-shaped bags, which are worn on each foot for an hour and then rinsed off. At first, you won’t notice much of a difference, but in five to seven days, the excess skin on your feet will begin to peel off in sheets—a phenomenon that reviewers are both horrified and mesmerized by—leaving you with the softest, freshest feet you’ve had since you were a baby. Hence, Baby Foot.

Here’s how it works: The formula in the treatment socks contains a high amount of alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), a chemical exfoliant derived, in this case, from fruit. Prolonged contact with the hardened skin on your feet will allow the treatment to penetrate into your pores, beyond the dry, cracked outer layers of skin that have built up over the season.

If you’ve used chemical exfoliants on your face, you may be expecting the same ‘use at night, wake up with baby skin’ phenomenon, but, unfortunately, it’s not quite the same when dealing with feet. Our foot skin is naturally much thicker and more resilient, which means that even with a high percentage of AHA and longer period of skin contact, the exfoliation process still needs more time to take effect.

That said, the effects of Baby Foot are also much more drastic than your at-home facial peel. We’re not exaggerating when we say your foot skin will peel off like a snake. About a week after you wear the treatment booties, huge chunks of your old skin will have separated from the new tissue beneath and will start to fall off. Frequent soaking in water helps move this process along, and—a word to the wise—we recommend wearing socks during this period.

The extremely active reviews section on Baby Foot’s Amazon page is full of loyal followers swapping hacks and tips for getting the best peeling effect possible.

“Make sure you soak your feet for at least 30 min before using the booties. This will open your pores and help absorb the product into your feet... soak longer if your feet are very bad and rough,” writes one reviewer.

“If you continue to soak your feet in plain water for 30 minutes to an hour every other day or so, you will continue to see even more sloughing and peeling up to about two weeks AND it will thoroughly remove ALL dead and dry skin from your feet,” writes another.

“I realize the company won't appreciate this, but I am very frugal,” writes a particularly thrifty reviewer. “I opened one bootie and put it on one foot after soaking. After the time passed and soaked my other foot, I removed it from first foot and placed it one the second one. There was plenty of product in the bootie for both feet and it worked like a charm. It's a little time consuming but well worth it. Now, I have one bootie left to apply later.”

Yet another buyer advises, “Do NOT moisturize at all during peeling process. Don't do this within two weeks of having your bare feet exposed to the's kind of gross in a neat way.”

Baby Foot is such an addictively weird, yet effective method for getting the softest feet of your life, we’re certain you’ll be hooked right away (or, at least within five to seven days).

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