An ounce of prevention is key to avoiding minor foot problems (which can create a world of hurt). These measures help feet feel and look good.

By Sally Wadyka
Updated May 12, 2009
Victor Schrager

Clockwise from top left:

Keep Soles Dry

Your feet have an abundance of sweat glands. To prevent odor, slick soles, and moisture that can lead to blisters, coat the bottoms of your feet with a potent antiperspirant, like Dove Clinical Protection ($9 at drugstores), at night or in the morning.

Exfoliate and Soften

Heal Painful, Cracked Skin

Prevent Blisters

Swipe Band-Aid Friction Block Stick ($5 at drugstores) over the backs of heels, the tops of toes, or any other places shoes or sandals rub. The protective balm minimizes blister-causing friction.

Remove Rough Spots

Calluses form to protect skin from injury but can feel and look craggy. Smooth them with Sally Hansen Intensive Gel Callus Remover ($8 at drugstores), which contains moisturizing urea, aloe, jojoba, and tea-tree oil.