I find that most body lotions are sticky and gooey. But this one? Not at all.

By Chelsea Traber Burns
Updated February 12, 2018
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Glossier Body Hero
Credit: glossier.com

I may be the only beauty editor who doesn't like body lotion. For as long as I can remember, body lotion just hasn't been a part of my routine. I'm not sure if it was a personal decision or something that my mom passed down but I hate the feeling of lotion on my body. Even after a good massage, the first thing I have to do is wash off all the slimy residue. In the summer time it makes my legs feel like they're sweating and in the winter it sticks to my leggings—no matter the season, lotion makes me uncomfortable.

Then Glossier launched Body Hero Daily Perfecting Cream ($22; glossier.com) and I was intrigued. I instantly doubted the products claims of "zero residue, zero stickiness." I've heard it once, I've heard it a thousand times and it never holds true. And yet I still decided to give it a try—it is my duty as a beauty editor after all.

I slathered on the creamy lotion and, to my dismay, felt it sink right into my skin without any slimy residue left behind. I was in shock. Could it be? A lotion that I don't mind applying?

I'm not sure what the magic ingredient is that does the trick but the formula boasts a number of plant extracts including cactus flower, prickly pear, and yucca for prolonged moisture. It also uses light reflective particles so legs look less paste-y and more healthy with a fresh, dewy glow. But my second favorite part, right after not being sticky, is the orange blossom neroli scent. It's a feminine, floral fragrance but light and airy enough so that it's not overpowering.

So thank you Glossier for reversing my ill-feelings towards lotion and curing my paste-y leg blues.