Amazon’s Best-Selling Eye Masks Make a ‘Huge Difference’ for Dark, Sunken Undereyes and Crow’s Feet

Sales have increased 7,961 percent in the last week.
By Rachel Nussbaum
January 29, 2021
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If the past year has given us anything, it's a renewed appreciation for undereye products that wake up your face where sleep doesn't quite do the job. And the gold standard for brightening and deescalating puffy eye bags is literally gold, according to shoppers who adore FreshMe's 24k gold collagen eye patches

The product is one of Amazon's top-selling eye masks, with sales over the past week increasing by a stunning 7,961 percent. The patches' benefits are threefold, taking on the difficult trio of crow's feet, puffiness, and dark circles. Between the second-skin gel feel and infusion of hydrolyzed collagen, hyaluronic acid, soybean extract, and allantoin, shoppers say they see a huge difference in the appearance of their undereyes. "Where I was dark and sunken, I am light and filled out," one shopper with sensitive skin writes.


To buy: $14 (was $19);

The marker of a truly great eye mask is how quickly it works, how the cost per set shakes out, and whether the benefits stick around for longer than the five minutes after you take them off. Speaking to the former, shoppers say puffiness immediately deflates on contact with the masks, earning the honor of being called "a mom must-have" (especially after a long night of wine and FaceTime).

On pricing, a set of 20 pairs of these eye masks typically goes for $19 on Amazon, but they're currently marked down by 26 percent, averaging to $1.50 a set. Less than a cup of coffee and just as good at a wake-up call? We're listening.

They're not one-and-done, either, which is good news for both us and the environment. The FreshMes come soaked in ample fluid, so much so that shoppers use them on their frown lines and forehead after 20 minutes of undereye use — and still see the patches intensively tighten and smooth out wrinkles.

The power doesn't stop there, since even notoriously stubborn dark circles aren't immune to the patches and their solution (love a double meaning). Shoppers say their undereye circles have totally disappeared, even shadows that made it seem like resistance was futile. 

One mother of three toddlers notes that though her and her husband are often sleep-deprived and have the circles to show for it, the patches are a godsend. "My undereyes are instantly so plump," she writes, "I swear these give me back seven years of my life."