The pH-balanced formula won’t strip or dry out skin.

By Maya Gandara
June 10, 2020
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Those struggling with sensitive, acne-prone skin know that adding a new product into their beauty regimen requires a lot more research, money, and energy than most. Reading the ingredients first is non-negotiable, and even if nothing irritating is listed, how your skin might react is still a gamble. Luckily, over 3,000 Nordstrom shoppers have found one cleanser that’s a “holy grail” for unpredictable skin, so your next purchase doesn’t have to be a toss-up.

Fresh’s Soy Face Cleanser is obsession-worthy due to its ultra-gentle formula that doesn't strip away your skin’s natural barrier as the pH-balanced gel removes makeup, dirt, and impurities. Borage seed oil softens the skin, while amino acid-rich soy proteins, cucumber extract, and rosewater add in a healthy dose of hydration. It’s effective across all skin types, but its ability to soothe and tone without irritation makes it a great match for sensitive skin.

Fresh Soy Face Cleanser

To buy: $15-$38;

Nordstrom shoppers have been extremely vocal about their devotion to this cleanser, with some claiming that after trying so many face washes, they’ve finally found one that won’t break them out or cause dryness. Reviewers also love that it doesn’t sting or burn their eyes, and that it removes all makeup without using a wipe.

“I have been using the Fresh Soy Cleanser for eight years now,” wrote one shopper. “It’s very mild and feels so nice on my extremely sensitive, rosacea-prone skin. This is my holy grail cleanser!”

“I use this cleanser every day and I now can’t live without it,” wrote another. “It smells fresh, cleans well and will always be a part of my daily regimen.”

You can get the best-seller at Nordstrom for either $15 or $38, depending on whether you choose the 1.6-ounce or 5-ounce bottle—shoppers say either size will last you a long, long time.