The one formula that finally provided that long-lasting relief I needed for my dry, flaky skin.
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Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Face Cream

I’ve always had dry skin. The kind where you definitely can’t get away without moisturizing after every shower and during both the morning and nighttime routines. But as long as I had a nourishing cream of any kind and didn’t cut corners during my beauty routine, my skin was generally fine.

When I got pregnant though, my skin was even more parched. I was moisturizing as usual—if not more—and drinking 10 or more glasses of water each day, but my skin was still so dry. My elbows were flaky and itchy, but what really bothered me was my dry face. Rather than blend nicely with my skin, my makeup would cake and clump with the dry skin. Attractive, I know.

I’m not generally the type to pay too much attention to ingredients. Yes, I prefer natural products when possible, but I also can’t pass up a good value. But as soon as I got pregnant this particular question plagued me more—what can I use and what’s not safe enough to use?—especially when it came to a product that was literally soaking into my skin.

On my quest for an all natural but uber hydrating moisturizer, I found a face cream I simply can’t believe I ever lived without. The Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Face Cream ($40, The texture of the cream is bouncy and soft, but vitamin E, rose water, and rose flower oil ensures it’s ultra hydrating and nourishing. The formula, made without parabens, sulfates, or phthalates, sinks right in, so makeup can be applied just a minute or two later. And time release technology means skin stays dewy all day long. Plus, the smell? Well, let’s just say it’s heavenly—like a mini aromatherapy session for my face.

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I know $40 may sound like a lot for a less-than-two-ounce jar of face cream, but it’s saved my skin, which in turn has made me feel better about my appearance. Plus, despite multiple daily uses, I’ve only managed to use a small fraction of the jar over the course of the last two months. I’m thinking it may even last me the duration of this pregnancy—and that’s feeling like a very long time right about now.