This Face Cream Makes My Skin Look Better Than It Has in Months

It’s soothed my dry patches and softened my dehydrated skin.

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face cream

I make a to-do list every time spring comes around. Empty the vacuum for spring cleaning? Revamp outfits for warmer weather? Trim hair for hotter days? Check, check, and check. The only thing that takes me a long time is readjusting my skincare routine for the weather, when days can go from 75 to 30 degrees and humidity fluctuates just as easily.

That's why I like to slowly ease out my heavy winter creams and face oils for lightweight formulas that still provide a hefty dose of moisture. One moisturizer I've tested lately that has done the job better than others is FaceGym's Vitamin C + Bioferment Gel-Cream. The newest product from the spa known for its ″workout″ facials, the Liftwear face cream was dubbed "shapewear for the face" by the brand because of how bouncy and sculpted it makes dehydrated skin look. Naturally, I had to try it out when FaceGym offered me a sample.

face cream

To buy: $55;

For the uninitiated, FaceGym has slowly conquered the skincare world with its lymphatic drainage and muscle-sculpting facials. The "trainers" at each "gym location" work your facial muscles with tools like handheld massage balls and EMS-pulsing rollers to relax tension in your cheeks, neck, forehead, and jawline. The results are truly toned-looking faces—so much so that even celebrities such as Nicole Kidman trusted the brand to get ready for the Academy Awards this year.

While I'm very much a fan of facials, I've always wondered if I could achieve the same results from home. That's why I was especially looking forward to trying Liftwear: It came with a set of instructions you can access by scanning the QR code on its package, complete with sculpting routines for your cheeks, jaws, and neck to enhance the ingredients in the face cream.

And the formula of the face cream is no slacker, either. FaceGym's moisturizer is infused with Sirtalice, a marine bioferment derived from bacteria living more than 2,100 miles deep in the Indian Ocean that helps smooth texture and firm skin. The other hero ingredient, IceAwake, is another bacteria extract from Swiss glaciers that also works to reduce wrinkles and plump tired skin.

Together, combined with hyaluronic acids and vitamin C, the Liftwear moisturizer truly brightens my skin, making it look glowy and bouncy. Right as I started testing out the face cream in February, my skin was more haggard than ever; it was dry and dull, with truly uncomfortable patches of itchiness plaguing my cheeks. While I had continued using my usual favorite exfoliant, incorporating the Liftwear cream into my routine really made my skin look healthier and brighter. And with the massages FaceGym recommended, my jawline and cheeks looked more toned than before.

Plus, the amount of hydration that the moisturizer offers has soothed my uncomfortable dry patches, so my skin is softer and smoother. It's the perfect lightweight face cream that packs a punch of hydration to help transition skin from frosty, dry winter to humid, warm summers. Shop it at Sephora now for $55.

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