Top beauty pros weigh in on a few small everyday tweaks that make a big difference.

By Heather Muir Maffei
Updated August 13, 2019
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9 Skin-Boosting Beauty Tips from Experts
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No matter how long we have been doing our same old makeup routine, we always wonder what we are doing wrong. Of course, we all wish we could have a glam team get ready with us in the morning, directing us on how to do the perfect eyeliner and how to pick the perfect shade of foundation. A girl can dream, right? However, in most of our realities, our mornings are limited to hitting the snooze button far too many times and racing out the door.

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Even if you can’t have a group of beauty professionals at your beck and call, you can figure out what you wish they were doing with your everyday routine. Enter a team of beauty experts to the rescue. We interviewed a number of beauty gurus from makeup artists to hairstylists to aestheticians to get the skinny on how little changes can transform your day-to-day look. Psst, they are much easier than you think.

Set your skin.

After applying your base (concealer, foundation, or tinted moisturizer), lightly press clean fingertips into your skin. Doing so lifts away excess product so your makeup looks less thick and lasts longer. Pay attention to crease-prone areas where makeup gathers throughout the day, including around the eyes, nose, and mouth. If your skin tends to get oily, press a little powder on those spots with a brush.
—Makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes

Stop over-cleansing your face.

I always tell my patients to wash their face at night (and after exercising) and simply rinse with water in the morning to avoid stripping the skin. And instead of rubbing your skin on a towel, use a patting motion, which is gentler.
—Dermatologist Doris Day, MD

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Use lip liner before lipstick.

Although it tends to get a bad rap, when used correctly, liner creates the effect of fuller lips and can reshape any asymmetrical unevenness. Plus, the wax and oil work as a stencil, ensuring that your lip color lasts.
—Makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury

Bust out the humidifier.

You know it’s good for your skin, but it’s great for your hair too. Having one helps prevent breakage, makes hair easier to detangle and style, and makes it less staticky, dull, and flat.
—Hairstylist Jillian Halouska

Dry hair without a towel.

Use a cotton T-shirt instead of a traditional terrycloth towel to dry your hair. It preserves moisture and reduces frizz.
—Hairstylist Jen Atkin

Take care of your scalp.

Using a scalp serum will help strengthen the hair fiber starting at the roots so you can achieve healthy hair. To help speed up hair growth, consider taking biotin or a vitamin B complex with biotin.
—Hairstylist Jennifer Yepez

Stop using a non-sunscreen moisturizer under or over your sunscreen.

Doing this may interfere with the effectiveness of your sun protection by diluting your sunscreen. As the last step in your skincare routine, apply a sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher. Most are formulated with the same type of ingredients as moisturizers by using emollients.
—Aesthetician Renée Rouleau

Make time for an eye doctor appointment.

Undereye lines and wrinkles are typically the first signs of aging. My clients tend to first notice them around their late 20s and early 30s. To keep your skin healthy, avoid unnecessary squinting, which is often caused by blurry vision. Squinting can also weaken the elastin fibers around the eyes. So schedule that checkup to find out if you need glasses or contacts.

Wear foundation.

I like to educate my clients to think of makeup as a skincare product because during daylight hours it can help protect your skin from ultraviolet light and environmental damage. Most forms of liquid or powder foundations contain ingredients like titanium dioxide that can act as natural sun protectors. Even if your makeup doesn’t indicate that it has SPF, it is still helping to guard your skin against the sun’s damaging rays. Of course, you still need to wear and reapply sunscreen daily, but this is a bonus. The number-one cause of premature wrinkles is not from age, genetics, or even smoking. It’s from incidental UV exposure.