Honestly I can’t blame her.

By Jayla Andrulonis
April 27, 2020
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If you had told me earlier this year that I would be moving in with my parents for an indefinite amount of time, and that baking homemade bread and putting together jigsaw puzzles would become my new go-to hobbies, I’m sure I would have said, “huh?” and consulted with my therapist. Well, here we are. As lucky as I feel to be spending this time social distancing in spacious rural Pennsylvania instead of my small Brooklyn apartment alongside three roommates, it’s not without its challenges—like my new roommate’s habit of making my skincare products her own. 

Growing up, I was always raiding my mom’s skincare shelf and makeup bag for goodies that weren’t my own, so I do feel like there’s a sort of cosmic karma at play here. The tables have turned and I'm no longer snagging her pricey serums; instead, she’s been “borrowing” my Drunk Elephant Protini Polypeptide Moisturizer for the last few weeks. In other words, it’s hers now. 

I have to admit, it’s mostly my fault. As is the case with most conversations about skincare, my mom was complaining about her skin being drier than usual and I became very passionate about how great my moisturizer was. I believe I ran downstairs to get it for her yelling something to the effect of “just try it, you’re going to love it so much.” Whoops. 

It’s clearly become her favorite, too, as I haven’t seen it since. And all joking aside, I was thrilled she was just as impressed with it as I am. But since the best-selling moisturizer has more than 244,000 ‘loves’ and 4,000 glowing reviews left by Sephora shoppers, I wasn’t necessarily surprised by her verdict. 

Replacing my previous moisturizer with this Drunk Elephant formula just a few months ago has been a game-changer for my skin. The protein-based formula brings together skin-plumping signal peptides, hydrating soybean folic acid, and antioxidant-rich amino acids—including pygmy water lily extract—to improve overall texture, tone, and firmness while replenishing much-needed moisture into the skin. In just a one week of use, I noticed my skin was not only much more hydrated throughout the day, but my fine lines were less visible and my complexion was brighter. 

Another reason the anti-aging moisturizer has made it to my must-have list, and onto the shelf among my mother’s skincare essentials, is how well it pairs with other products to amplify their benefits. Like all Drunk Elephant staples, Protini can be mixed with other products in the brand’s clean line for a customized skincare cocktail. In the morning, I pair it with my favorite vitamin C serum, and in the evenings, I couple it with a dot of retinol. And thanks to the container’s unique push-dispensing design, it lasts me, a chronic skincare product over-user, a surprisingly long time. 

I’m OK with my mom snagging my go-to moisturizer, not only because I was able to order a replacement during Sephora’s Spring Sale which runs through the end of the month, but because helping someone find a solution for their particular skincare woes is one of my favorite things. After all, I did use her pricey anti-aging serums for years when I should have been sticking to my Proactiv regimen.

You can head to Sephora to get the moisturizer both my mom and I now swear by for up to 15 percent off with the code SPRINGSAVE at checkout. 

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