Consultations have gotten creative.

By Storm Monteiro Tyler
May 06, 2020
Credit: pixdeluxe / Creative #: 1195045239

If you’ve ever looked up a tutorial on how to cut your hair, assess your current foundation shade, or dissect any skin concerns you’re currently enduring, you’re not alone! Fortunately, as we endure shelter-in-place orders and can’t physically resume our normal beauty treatments, brands have begun pivoting to meet us where we are—at home! So you don't have to resort to any extreme beauty measures, here’s a list of virtual consultations, from your home and phone, to get you through this time.


If your locks are starting to look especially shaggy, support local hairstylists and barbers via a video chat session that leads you through a basic clean-up, full cut, trim, or masking session.

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Are you hesitant about dying your own hair at home? It’s much easier if you let an expert walk you through the coloring and bleaching process.

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Dr. Sturm and her global team of aestheticians have begun booking complimentary, 20-minute skincare consultations. You can discuss your current skincare regimen, as well as any quarantine skincare woes you’re currently experiencing. 

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For 15 minutes, connect with a live editor (Glossier team member) via video chat to discuss all things Glossier skincare and beyond, and digitally build out your skincare routine.

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Chat with Brooklyn Face and Eye staff for 30 minutes ($30) about your skincare goals and concerns. An expert will give you customized advice and recommend the epi.logic products right for you!

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Glow Recipe's goal: bring out your inner-glow from home. In a 15-minute consultation, you can ask skincare questions and receive personalized tips for your routine.

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With #askINKEY, you have 24-hour, seven-days-a-week chat access to skincare experts that will answer your questions on skincare, ingredients, and product layering. If there’s no time to chat, answer a few quick questions to receive a “skincare recipe” personalized for you and your needs.

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Work out—but make it skincare. A 45-minute digital session with one of the brand's global trainers features personal face training goals catered to your skin needs, as well as signature sculpting techniques to lift, tone, and contour. 

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When not leading educational programming for Finishing Touch Flawless, Stacy Cox leads Pampered People Skincare as a licensed skincare therapist with over two decades of esthetician experience. During the 30 ($30) or 60 minute ($50) Zoom consultation, Stacy will evaluate your skin type, go over your skincare regimen, and do an edit of your products—all from the comfort of your bathroom. She can also teach you how to give yourself a DIY facial

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Caudalie is offering 20-minute sessions with a beauty expert to discover skincare tips, learn how to do an at-home instant facial, and receive personalized skincare advice. 

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Love Lush products but don't know where to start? Book a call to speak with a store manager to discuss all of your at-home skin, hair, and body care needs. 

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During this 30-minute session led by licensed esthetician and Skin Folks founder, Simedar Jackson, your current skincare regimen will be assessed, and she’ll recommend up to three products to incorporate into your skincare routine.

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There’s nothing like a personalized fragrance to make it feel Kilian is offering a 30-minute olfactory escape with a fragrance expert to help you find the KILIAN Paris perfume.

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