I Tried the Famous Skin Spatula That Clears All the Gunk Out of Your Pores—Here's What I Found

Plus, read what two dermatologists think about the device.

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Dermapore review
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Whenever I get frustrated or annoyed with the large pores dotting my nose and my cheeks, I have to patiently remind myself that no, there's nothing I can do to shrink them, but yes, I can thankfully minimize their appearance. Non-permanent methods of clearing out your pores, such as physical and chemical exfoliation, use of lasers and microneedling treatments, and good habits like always washing your makeup off your face before bed and after a sweaty workout, are all ways to make your pores look smaller and cleaner.

As a fully subscribed member of the Clear Pores Society, I've always been interested in trying tools and products that help me get rid of all the gunk that gets stuck in my skin, somehow making my pores look as big as the craters on Mars. That's why I wanted to test out Dermaflash's famous Dermapore Pore Extractor and Serum Infuser, which reviewers and editors alike have all sworn by. The idea of pushing out debris and all the buildup in my pores without having to resort to using my fingers (a terrible habit) or getting an expensive facial definitely intrigued me, and now, after having used it for two months, I'm happy to say: Yes, it works.

Dermapore review

To buy: $99; dermaflash.com or nordstrom.com.

As its name suggests, the Dermapore (which Dermaflash sent me to test) has two functions, either as an extract-mode spatula that pushes out gunk from your skin or an infuse-mode serum penetrator that uses ultrasonic waves to help your skin absorb your skincare products easier. I'll admit that I was slightly intimidated by the device when I first got my hands on a sample the brand sent over for me to try. Thankfully, it's water-resistant, battery-rechargeable, extremely lightweight, and easy to maneuver, so there was little fear of accidentally poking myself in the eyes with the scraper.

To start, I held the device at a 45-degree angle against my clean, washed face, and added a very light pressure when gliding the Dermapore on my wet face with the tip of the device basically parallel to my skin's surface. Using it only on wet skin (or skin that has a serum, toner, or gel on) is the key to using it safely, according to both Dr. Rachel Nazarian of Schweiger Dermatology Group in New York City and Cosmetic Dermatologist Dr. Michele Green. Both explained that using the device once a week is generally safe; Dr. Green said it can also be used "up to two to three times a week as long as your skin can handle it and if you experience no irritation, dryness, or sensitivity."

Of course, removing the oil, sebum, and dead skin cells through exfoliation techniques like the Dermapore is only a temporary solution to clearing out your pores, so it's safe to gently clean your skin with this device long-term, said Dr. Nazarian. But the right technique is key: Inappropriate or overly aggressive pressure will lead to permanent consequences like broken blood vessels and tissue damage, according to Dr. Nazarian, and Dr. Green added that using it too often can lead to skin injury, so people with sensitive skin should use it sparingly.

You should feel safe using the device on all areas of your face, but both doctors said you should be especially careful with it around your eyes—a notoriously sensitive part of your face. You should also watch out for spots where you have active acne breakouts, per Dr. Green, who said the device can cause skin injury when not used properly and might irritate and worsen any acne lesions.

In my case, I used the device once a week for the past two months, and every time I would see cleaner, smoother-looking skin the day after I cleared out my pores with the Dermapore. It's also extremely satisfactory to watch all the gunk getting pushed out of my nose and cheeks, knowing that I don't have to go to extreme (and painful) lengths to get rid of these little bumps in my pores. As Dr. Nazarian said, it's definitely a temporary measure to clean out pores—about a week after each session, I would see the same gunk buildup in my skin, but a quick session with the Dermapore works to simply clear it out.

Dermaflash Review
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In the image above, I can see much smoother and less bumpier skin in the right hand-side image that I took after using the Dermapore, compared to the one on the left that I took the night before I used the device. For a quick solution to get rid of the debris stuck in my large pores, the Dermapore is certainly worth the while, as long as you use it safely and carefully. It might not give me results as glowy or as spotless as a professional extraction facial, but for an at-home treatment less than $100, it has earned a permanent spot in my bathroom cabinet.

Shop it below at Nordstrom or Dermaflash.

Dermapore review

To buy: $99; dermaflash.com or nordstrom.com.

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