Shoppers Say They Stopped Wearing Concealer Thanks to This Anti-Aging Eye Cream Packed With Gold and Vitamin C

It brightens your eye area in two weeks or less.
By Rachel Nussbaum
December 07, 2020
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After nearly 10 long, long months inside, we’re currently feeling the farthest thing from bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Bleak-faced and dead-eyed would be more accurate, and no matter how many cups of tea we down or happiness-spiking things we order online, looking in the mirror at the end of the day is a reminder that no concealer can stand up to a global pandemic. A perfectly working vaccine would be the best solution, but until then, an eye cream that erases dark circles is the next best thing.  

According to shoppers, that’s exactly where Murad’s Vita-C Eyes Dark Circle Corrector excels. Where all other treatments fail, the Vita-C does wonders for their dark circles, reviewers on the brand’s website attest, so much so that multiple people say they stopped wearing concealer completely. Bold words indeed, but the formula stands up to scrutiny

In the short term, the lightweight formula smoothes on with a brightening, luminous tint courtesy of gold-stabilized vitamin C. Reviewers write that they love the subtle effect: “It feels like I’m glowing after I apply it,” said one. After two weeks of using the eye cream, which also delivers red and brown algae extracts, niacinamide, amino acids, cucumber extract, and antioxidants, other shoppers say that there’s not much left for it to cover. 


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Dark circles are often the result of age and genetics, untouchable by average products. But one shopper who was dealing with severe circles writes, “I have tried everything. My dark circles were so bad, I could never take a decent photo without looking like my eyes were black and blue.” Against a tough challenge, the Vita-C came through, leaving their circles “smaller, lighter, and definitely brighter.”

Concealer was a non-negotiable for other shoppers, they write, as a stop-gap for looking “so tired and hollow.” In two weeks, they say they saw results that left their concealer in the dust—nay, irrelevant

The marketing jargon on eye creams’ labels talks a big game, but some people contend that they’re not all that different from a typical face moisturizer. Yet even for non-believers, shoppers say the Vita-C proves them wrong. “I was hesitant to believe all these reviews on an eye cream,” starts one such person. “But I have noticed a significant difference, in decreased puffiness and lighter under eye pigmentation. I had yet to find an eye cream that would decrease my dark under eye circles and this product has helped significantly!” 

Others second that it dramatically brightened their under-eyes, making its mark in routines otherwise filled with heavy-hitters from La Mer, Vintner’s Daughter, Renee Rouleau, and Biologique Recherche. An intimidating crowd, but one shopper (who apparently has excellent taste and a huge budget) writes that after searching high and low for a brightening eye cream, “You will not find a better eye brightener. Trust me, I’ve tried them all.” 

With so many rave reviews, it’s looking like this’ll be the next happiness-in-a-package to arrive on our doorstep. And if the reviews are anything to go by, this is a love that’ll last