This $20 Serum Is a 'Holy Grail Hydration Product,' According to Shoppers

“It leaves my skin feeling so hydrated and the moisture is completely locked in.”

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ceramide barrier serum

Skin truly goes through a lot. There are the usual suspects like aging, hormonal shifts, and stress, coupled with potential environmental stressors like the weather and diet. A daily skincare routine can help counteract some potential skin irritants, but if your complexion is in particular need of saving, shoppers declare this Cocokind serum to be a "godsend."

Cocokind's Ceramide Barrier Serum uses beneficial ingredients like lactic acid and ceramides to soothe and repair stressed out skin. Approved for daily use, the serum has helped shoppers with rosacea and dry skin. Called a "holy grail hydration product" by one reviewer, another wrote, "This product is a game-changer. It leaves my skin feeling so hydrated and the moisture is completely locked in. I have also noticed that this serum really calms my rosacea and reduces the redness/irritation."

ceramide barrier serum

To buy: $20;

Laurel Geraghty, MD, of Dermatology & Laser Associates previously explained the benefits of ceramides to Real Simple, saying, "Ceramides help to seal and trap hydration within the skin. Even though the outer layers of skin naturally contain ceramides, our complexion can still become dry, sensitive, and irritated when exposed to cold or dry air, irritating products, harsh cleansers, sun, and other factors."

Cocokind founder Priscilla Tsai also noted, "Over time, we naturally produce a lower percentage of ceramides, and this is an ingredient that your skin can recognize and effectively absorb when applied topically through skincare."

The lightweight serum is packaged with a dropper for application, and it can be applied after cleansing and toning. Its blend of ceramides work to reduce moisture loss, which in turn can prevent signs of aging and irritated skin. The added squalene also delivers a secondary boost of moisture.

Multiple reviewers experienced softer skin after using the serum, including one that noticed a difference overnight. One customer even purchased a second bottle, writing, "This product makes my skin feel so smooth, like porcelain."

This serum fan with "eczema prone, super sensitive skin" said the product "helped tremendously." They added, "I have not had any rough scaly patches or any irritation since incorporating this into my routine. Skin feels consistently plump, hydrated and looks much more even (less redness) since I started using this product. I would absolutely recommend."

It's impossible for anyone to control the weather, but with this Cocokind serum, you can potentially reduce some weather-related impact on your skin. Try what one reviewer called "the key for maintaining moisture" now and purchase a bottle from Cocokind.

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