Grab it before it’s gone again.

By Maya Gandara
May 21, 2020
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If you suffer from a dry, itchy scalp, it might be time to call in something more refining than your regular shampoo. Many Sephora shoppers have found the solution for an array of scalp concerns, such as product build-up and oily roots. From popular hair care brand, Christophe Robin, comes the latest crowd pleaser: the Purifying Scalp Scrub with Sea Salt.

With over 47,000 “hearts” on the site, it’s no surprise the exfoliating scrub has been out of stock for quite some time. This week, it finally made its way back onto the virtual shelves, and is available for $53 per jar. The triple-threat scrub cleanses away dirt and grime from your strands, removes build-up and oil from your roots, and soothes irritation on the scalp. Its main ingredient, sea salt, wipes out residue left over by hair products or color treatments, while sweet almond oil tackles inflammation and flakiness with a dose of moisture. Through consistent use, blood circulation at the base of your roots will increase, helping to stimulate future, healthier hair growth. 


To buy: $53;

The treatment has acquired over 600 five-star reviews, and has been claimed a “holy grail” and “the best hair product ever” by many. 

“If you have insufferably oily hair this is the product you NEED,” wrote one shopper. “This is the only product that has worked to remove buildup and oil and leaves my hair shiny and clean, so I wash it less! If it were $100 I'd still buy it, because it's just that good.”

“I washed my hair with this stuff THREE DAYS AGO and I'm only now seeing the beginnings of oil returning,” wrote another, “It doesn't dry out your hair, but instead just buffs away all the gross product build-up and dead skin. I have never ever had hair this nice for this long. I 10/10 will buy for as long as this stuff is on the market.”

We’d recommend grabbing the scrub before even more people catch on. You can shop it at Sephora for $53, or grab the mini size for $29.