Happy spritzing!

By Hana Hong
Updated February 10, 2020
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Your pores go through a lot in one day. From hot shower water to dry office air, many factors can really suck the moisture from your skin. Sure, you can lotion up before you leave the house, but moisturizer doesn’t last forever, and you might feel your face feeling tight and dehydrated come afternoon.

If you’re looking for the perfect pocket-sized pick-me-up when that 4 p.m. work slump hits, try the hydrating face mists below. On low-concentration moments or dry skin days, just one spritz will feel like a true pore-saver.

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This holy grail liquid is my office desk favorite. Made from 94 percent Jeju-grown organic aloe flesh, it’s packed with amino acids to instantly refresh skin and provide relief against heat and humidity.

To buy: $13, amazon.com

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The romantic flower is good for more than just Valentines Day. When liquified and steeped into beauty products, it can soothe skin due to its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic healing properties. Mist Milani’s rosewater on your face to give yourself some loving (you deserve it) and smell like an IRL bouquet.

To buy: $9, walmart.com

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If you find yourself spending most of your time in front of a screen (who doesn’t?), this is the mist for you. Volition Beauty teamed up with social media entrepreneur Tezza to develop a super-fine face mist. Made with 12 hydrating oils and extracts, it helps protect skin from photo-aging while leaving a soft, dewy finish to refresh any foundation you might already have on.

To buy: $29, sephora.com

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Don’t let the minimalistic packaging fool you. Lilah b.’s mist is jam-packed with maximalist ingredients, like knot grass extract, dandelion extract, and brown algae, all brewed in enriched mineral water to rebalance compromised skin.

To buy: $48, sephora.com

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Barbara Sturm’s lightweight mist is filled with the ultimate hydration hero, hyaluronic acid, to provide long-term hydration with a plumping effect that minimizes the appearance of wrinkles. It’s a bit of a splurge, but totally worth the price tag.

To buy: $95, sephora.com