Every minute, someone in the world is buying this Elizabeth Arden cream.

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Elizabeth Arden's All-Purpose Cream Sells Every Minute
Credit: elizabetharden.com

I can't think of anything I do every single minute of every single day except breath and blink. And I guess swallow. Besides those three bodily functions, there is nothing so consistent in my life that it occurs, without fail, every 60 seconds.

I'm but one microscopic speck on the giant globe, though, and worldwide there are some minute-to-minute consistencies. You may think I'm about to get philosophical here–nay, I just want to bring up an all-purpose skin-care product that's purchased so frequently that sales happen, on average, once a minute.

Elizabeth Arden's Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant ($22; elizabetharden.com) is a versatile topical beauty product that promises to provide maximum moisture with its feature-enhancing powers. The skin protectant's name even derives from the formula's super strengths. According to the brand, one of Elizabeth Arden's clients back in the day used the stuff on her kid's scratched knee and, eight hours later, the little one's wounds were healed.

Aside from healing skin, the Eight Hour Cream is hailed for sealing in your skin's moisture, deep-conditioning particularly rough patches, adding a pop of sheen to places you want to emphasize (like collarbone and cheeks), providing salvation for chapped lips and nourishment for damaged hair ends, protecting against the elements (like strong wind), and straightening up unruly eyebrow hairs for a manicured and defined shape.

A rep for the brand confirmed the eye-catching statistic to me, and some of the glowing reviews for the cream credit the product with helping keep skin "young and radiant," getting rid of dry skin troubles completely, and serving multiple needs on hands, feet, lips, and elbows.