The dream: Drifting off to a restful night of sleep. make this a reality with these calming wonders (out of 30 tested) that take the stress out of snoozing.

By Lisa DeSantis
Updated January 24, 2019
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With all the time we spend in front of screens (cellphones, computers, TVs, etc.), there’s something to say about the overstimulation we’re faced with day in and day out. Not to mention, the blue light emitted from such devices can wreak havoc on our sleep and throw our circadian rhythms totally out of whack. That being said, experts in the wellness field are putting a bigger emphasis on bedtime and the importance of making yours a ritual that prepares you for a better night of sleep. Whether you already have a routine that works for you in place or you’re desperately hoping for something that will help lull you off to dreamland, there are some superstar soothers that get the job done and make the experience all the more enjoyable. Before you hit the sack, a warm bath can get you in the mood to snooze (these lavender bath bombs will help you relax), sending tired muscles into a relaxed state. Add calming salts to yours and the benefits multiply, making your sheep counting a thing of the past. After your soak, lather on a dreamy lotion or oil and mist your bed with a spray that’s spiked with stress-relieving lavender and you’ll be one step closer to waking up feeling well-rested. And because your skin restores itself overnight, using that time for cell turnover and repair, it’s important to aid in the process by using a nourishing night cream. Bonus points if you use a trendy, yet relaxing crystal roller to help drive product deeper into skin. Plus, it feels really good at the end of a long day. Sweet dreams!

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It’s not an every-night kind of thing, but when you can fit it in, dim the lights and treat yourself to a warm bath spiked with a cup of this calming mixture, which includes valerian root extract, anti-inflammatory Australian sandalwood essential oil, and Epsom salts. Hop into bed as your body temperature cools—the prime time to fall asleep.

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The only thing better than fresh linens? Fresh linens after a few spritzes of this serene patchouli and palo santo mist.

To buy: $45 for 16 oz.;


Glide this coconut oil over the soles of your feet before bed (or a flight) and relax thanks to organic cedarwood and vetiver essential oils.

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The peach scent will become your favorite part of your skin-care routine. Potent lotusflower extract smooths and revives tired skin.

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This nongreasy vitamin E and shea butter lotion cocoons skin in tranquil lavender. Breathe in and head off to dreamland.

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Roll this upward over skin after applying night cream. Derms say it boosts circulation; we say it feels really dang good. Store in the fridge for extra depuffing.

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