Instant relief for tired eyes, plus seven other beauty buys to save your sanity.

By Heather Muir Maffei
Updated April 17, 2019
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Ted + Chelsea Cavanaugh


Because you don’t have time to lay cold spoons over your eyes and sliced cucumbers can be slimy, try this handy stick, which soothes in seconds. Tap on the balm for an early-morning wake-up call or a 3 p.m. pick-me-up. Caffeine tightens; aloe, apple, and watermelon hydrate; and brighteners add a subtle glow. Ahhh.

To buy: $28;


Squeeze a tiny dab onto your fingertip and swipe over lids for eye makeup that looks way more involved than it was. The cream doesn’t crease (even on oily lids), and the metallic sheen gives eyes a pretty twinkle.

To buy: $8;


With this genius tool, your DIY manicure will look professional. Place the rubber gripper over any polish bottle to create a handle that’s easier to control, especially with your nondominant hand.

To buy: $16;


Don’t like dipping your fingers into a traditional tub? This spray-on mask is neater to apply, plus it smooths hair without weight.

To buy: $20;


Bite the tablet, brush with a wet toothbrush, feel the formula foam, and then spit for an organic cleaning. The tablets reduce plastic waste (you get a month’s worth in each glass bottle), look chic on your counter, and travel well.

To buy: $12;


If your skin breaks out from hair products, try this dermatologist creation. It won’t clog pores or irritate your hairline. Work in before drying hair to smooth fuzz and add shine.

To buy: $24;


Come warmer weather, your winter moisturizer can feel too heavy. Swap it for this soothing gel that calms red skin.

To buy: $88 for 100mL;


Glide over cheeks (with the highlighter on top) to deposit blush and just-right shimmer. No tutorial needed.

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