The only makeup brush you need, plus seven other beauty buys to simply your routine.

By Heather Muir Maffei
Updated December 18, 2019
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Cut clutter by replacing your loose brushes with this multitasker. Use the sponge (replacements available) for concealer and the angled brush for blush and bronzer. Then unscrew the ends to reveal a brush for eye shadow and another for brows and liner. Pouch included.

To buy: $24;

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This shine-boosting lip oil is infused with calming CBD. It’s rounded out with botanicals (like chamomile and aloe) to nourish dry lips.

To buy: $28 each;

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The brush has a bull’s-eye divot design to tidily pick up the right dose of powder for locking in makeup and creating a luminous sheen.

To buy: Powder, $28;
Brush, $24;

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No need to spend big bucks to nix brown spots and discoloration! Just smooth on this brightening blend morning and night for a glow-up.

To buy: $17;

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Consider this set a toothpaste trifecta. The all-natural formula comes in mint, chamomile, and ginger; the tubes look pretty on the counter; and the packaging is recyclable, BPA-free aluminum.

To buy: $21 for 3;

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Green tea extract and avocado oil leave hair shiny, hydrated, and resistant to the breakage and split ends caused by heat styling.

To buy: $10;

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Covering zits and dark circles is fun, thanks to the built-in blender and your-skin-but-better texture. In 24 shades.

To buy: $9;

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Vitamin F is a potent blend of essential fatty acids—and this sheer, nourishing overnight skin soother is loaded with it.

To buy: $52;