5 New Trader Joe's Beauty Products You Have to Try

Best part? These skincare picks are all under $7. 

Next time you’re doing your weekly Trader Joe’s run, don’t neglect the skincare aisle. (We get it, you were too distracted by the new Buffalo Chicken Dip. Happens to the best of us.) Instead, swing by the beauty section for high-quality treasures that won’t break the bank. Here are five new Trader Joe's beauty product releases that may end up making your coveted TJ's cult favorites list.

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Supreme Hydrating Eye Cream

This new eye cream, priced at a very reasonable $5.99 per .53-ounce tube, is made with marine collagen, Manuka honey, hibiscus extract, and almond, argan, rosehip, and marula seed oils. The cream formula absorbs quickly, without leaving any heavy residue or greasiness and gently soothes the delicate, undereye skin, making it perfect for daily use.

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Nourish Shower & Bath Cleansing Oil with Almond Oil

This nourishing shower and bath cleansing oil is made up of a luxurious blend of sweet almond and grape seed oil. You'll love the subtly sweet aroma of this cleansing oil, plus it'll hydrate and moisturize your skin without leaving any unwanted residue. When mixed with water, the oil turns into a sheer, milky wash that leaves your skin feeling silky smooth. (You'll feel even more relaxed after hearing that each six-fluid-ounce bottle costs only $6.99.)

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Microdermabrasion Scrub Exfoliating Cream

Give your skin a natural glow with Trader Joe’s Microdermabrasion Scrub Exfoliating Cream. It gently buffs away dry, dull skin with ingredients like licorice root and jojoba to make your skin feel silky smooth. The cream is safe for applying on your chest, neck, or face and is gentle enough for everyday use. Find it in the beauty aisle for $4.99.

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Cucumber and Citrus Face and Body Wipes

Whether you just finished a hardcore workout or broke a sweat running between meetings, Trader Joe’s Cucumber and Citrus Face and Body Wipes will quickly soothe, hydrate, and refresh your skin in seconds. Toss a pack of these pre-moistened towelettes (they come in a convenient resealable pack that sells for just $3.99) into your purse for on-the-go sticky situations. Each wipe is infused with a blend of aromatic ingredients like aloe, cucumber, oat, and lemon that help remove dirt and grime and hydrate your skin.

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Lip Treatment Duo

Harsh winter winds getting the best of you? Help your lips stay hydrated during the harshest of winter months with Trader Joe’s Lip Treatment Duo. This practical two-piece lip kit includes a sweet, sugar scrub to gently exfoliate and soften your lips plus a shea butter-rich balm (with SPF 15) to keep you looking your best all year round. Each pack sells for $3.99.

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