Not only are they practical, but they're also adorable. 

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Secret Freshie Paris Rose
Credit: Secret

There are so many times when I’m out and wish I were able to reapply my deodorant—whether it’s the middle of a heat wave or I’ve just had a stressful day and need a refresh. And while I’ve thought about keeping a stick of deodorant in my purse, I never did because I thought it was just too bulky. Enter Secret Freshies ($5; It’s the same Secret antiperspirant formula but in a mini, fit-in-the-palm-of-your-hand, ball version.

The new line comes in four scents that are all also original Secret scents (Cool Waterlily, Luxe Lavender, Paris Rose, and Ocean Chill) and are housed in pastel spheres that might remind you of your EOS lip balm. Just make sure you don’t get the two confused—the deodorant would not feel quite as nice on your lips. The sphere itself has little grooves on it so you won’t loose your grip when trying to discreetly apply it under your shirt. Plus, the formula is shaped like a dome so it fits perfectly into your underarm. After you’re done, the lid locks back on so you won’t have any mess in your bag.

The size and shape make it so easy to carry around—it could even fit in a clutch—that you don’t even notice it’s there, but you'll be so happy when you’re in a pinch and remember you have it. I personally think it’s so cute that I would just swap it in for the regular size and use it as my daily antiperspirant.