Something magical happens when you take certain beauty products into the shower—that humdrum morning routine feels less like a chore, more like a treat. Plus, you’ll step out looking amazing, and with more time on your hands.

By Heather Muir Maffei
May 25, 2018

You know how some people look forward to their morning showers? They say they must take one in order to “wake up?" Well, I’m not one of those people. Like the rest of us, I’m hard pressed for time. With a brutal five-plus hour daily commute, I have to take shortcuts. A lengthy skin and body care regimen? Forget about it. Body lotion? Never use it. Face masks? Pass. At-home hair treatments? I skip those, too. Instead, on rushed mornings, I reach for a body wipe to hold me over until my next shower.

But my beauty routine is slowly changing, thanks to new products specially formulated to be used in the shower. Here, some innovative ways I've recently upped my shower game to come out looking and feeling better, faster.

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