Skin so soft even silk would be jealous.

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My entire shower ritual is pretty therapeutic, but the best part for me has to be the very last step: body scrubs. Unfortunately, body exfoliators tend to fall by the wayside, but much like your face, bodies need shedding too. Although it might not be as glamorous and dreamy as sudsy lather and decadent bubbles, the post-shower results will be far worth the extra three minutes you add to your routine.

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That being said, we understand if you have reservations. Body scrubs have gotten a bad rap in the past for their negative effects on the environment. The Microbead-Free Waters Act recently banned the use of plastic microbeads in rinse-off cosmetic products, meaning those problematic microbeads won't drain into the oceans and threaten marine life. Although you still have to be careful about harmful ingredients (read: parabens and silicones), it's much easier to weed through the market to find scrubs that are equally good for the environment as they are for your skin. If you're looking to add an extra layering of pampering to your shower—and make other parts of your routine even more effective—here are the best picks for sloughing your dead skin cells away.

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1 Follain Sugar and Shea Body Scrub


If you don't like the feeling of moisturizer on your skin, this might not be the best for you. But for dry-skinned people like me, this scrub is the holy grail of hydration. Tiny sugar beads get rid of dead skin, while shea butter nourishes new cells. Similar to an in-shower lotion, the formula leaves behind a moisturizing layer on your skin so you could even skip the lotion afterwards. Plus, the little jingle on the back of the bottle is super catchy and fun to sing in the shower: "Wash the day away with sugar, shea, and kaolin clay!"

Rituals Ritual of Sakura Body Scrub

2 Rituals Ritual of Sakura Body Scrub


Probably the most feminine body scrub on this list, Sakura's formula is infused with rice milk, which has been long used in Asia to achieve a brighter, glowier complexion. When combined with sugar and softening oils, the whipped texture gently exfoliates your skin and satisfies your nose with the smell of Japanese cherry blossoms. 


3 Olay Pitaya and Cranberry Cleansing Powder


We're all about powdered beauty products in sustainable beauty. This water-activated powder cleanser transforms into a bubbly lather to gently exfoliate away dry skin, so you get all the benefits of a body scrub with the fun of a body wash.

Tree Hut Eucalyptus Blossom Sugar Scrub

4 Tree Hut Eucalyptus Blossom Sugar Scrub


Thousands of happy customers attest to the effectiveness of Tree Hut's refreshing body scrubs. In this minty green concoction, hemp seed oil and eucalyptus helps calm the skin while chunky grains of sugar refine texture and restore elasticity. 

Frank Body Original Coffee Scrub

5 Frank Body Original Coffee Scrub


If you're a morning showerer like me, this viral body scrub is the topical equivalent to your daily cup of joe. The aromatic blend of ground coffee beans, cacao extract, and sweet almond oil smells delightfully invigorating and acts like a blast of caffeine for your body's skin cells. 

Lush Ocean Salt Scrub

6 Lush Ocean Salt Scrub


One of Lush's top-selling products, the Ocean Salt Scrub is made from a base of, you guessed it, scrubby sea salt, along with softening avocado butter and refreshing lime for an all-natural way of exfoliating. The vegan formula replaces lanolin with skin-softening silken tofu, mango butter, and Japan wax. Plus, it's gentle enough to be used for your face and your body so you can double up for maximum exfoliation. 

Kopari Coconut Crush Scrub

7 Kopari Coconut Crush Scrub


This all-organic pick from Kopari promises glowing, rejuvenated skin thanks to a delicious blend of coconut oil, crushed Tahitian coconut shells, and brown sugar. The only downside is that it's not edible.


8 Sol de Janeiro Bum Bum Body Scrub


Give your skin a tropical getaway with this soft-as-sand body scrub. All of the ingredients, which include crushed cupuaçu seeds, pressed coconut oil, and garaná, are sustainably sourced straight from the Amazon Rainforest.