Hydrating doesn’t have to equal greasy.

By Hana Hong
January 15, 2021
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Pleasing your skin can often feel like a frustrating game of tug of war. If you don't moisturize, your skin feels dry and flaky. If you do moisturize, your skin feels greasy and gross. But skincare doesn't always have to be a game of push and shove—in the world of hydration, employing a lightweight moisturizer is the loophole that satisfies both counts. 

And we're not just talking about moisturizing your face here (which is also important). All too often, our skincare routine wrongfully ends at our necks. Although we understand the uncomfortable predicament that is wiggling on tight pants over sticky, recently lotioned legs, that doesn't have to be the case. From silky oils to water-like lotions, these body moisturizers are all made of featherlight formulas that have insanely quick absorption turnaround.

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1 Dove Whipped Macadamia Rice Cream

$8, amazon.com

This cream formula comes across heavy at first glance, but don’t fret—the whipped texture melts like a dream upon application. The substantially sized tub comes packed with skin-loving macadamia and rice milk, and a pleasant woodsy-floral scent, all at a single-digit price.


2 Necessaire The Body Lotion

$25, sephora.com

While most body moisturizers just, well, moisturize, this formula cranks it up a notch and improves your skin tone while it’s at it. Not only is it fragrance-free and pH balanced to be non-irritating, it also contains niacinamide to target problem areas.


3 Drunk Elephant Sili Body Lotion

$20, sephora.com

This lotion is equal parts fast-absorbing and long-lasting, a truly rare combination in the moisturizer world. The fragrance-free formula also comes with an anti-aging benefit. Marula butter works in tandem with five plant-derived ceramides to fill in the spaces between skin cells and generate elasticity. 


4 Oui the People Featherweight Hydrating Body Gloss

$65, ouithepeople.com

The slip of this body gloss is the epitome of luxe application—when I put this on, I’m in a gorgeous spa somewhere in the Italian countryside, not my Jersey City apartment. It’s made from a hydrating combination of squalane, rosehip, and avocado oil that sinks into skin immediately, leaving you with a glossy glow that’s never greasy. 


5 Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream

$45, sephora.com

I’m all for a body moisturizer that can double as a perfume (who doesn’t love a good beauty multitasker?). You’ll find that this warm tropical fragrance lasts all day—and so does the intensive hydration that comes with it.


6 Philosophy Nature in a Jar Cream-To-Water Body Lotion

$30, ulta.com

Don't worry, there's nothing prickly about this cactus-infused lotion. True to its name, the cream consistency transforms into a refreshing water-like texture as you rub it in, which feels like almost nothing on your skin. But don’t be fooled by the liquid consistency and quick-absorbing technology—the antioxidant-packed formula penetrates your skin to deliver some serious hydration.