I'm in Love With This Non-Sticky Sunscreen That Feels as Lightweight as Whipped Cream

And no, it doesn’t leave behind that dreadful white cast.

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Bask SPF
Photo: basksuncare.com

I get it: No matter how often your skincare-minded friends, dermatologists, parents, or writers and editors like me remind you of its importance, it's hard to remember to put on sunscreen. Despite its important role in protecting your skin from a host of concerns such as photo-aging signs, cancer, hyperpigmentation, and sunburns, most sunscreen can feel so uncomfortable on your face and body that the trouble of having to rub this sticky, gooey cream on your skin every few hours seems like too big of a hassle.

That's why a non-sticky and easily blendable sunscreen that leaves absolutely zero white cast is such a worthwhile product to have in your skincare routine. Lately, Bask Suncare's SPF 30 Lotion has been my immediate go-to. It's silky smooth, lightweight, and quickly absorbs into my skin—so much so that I actually look forward to putting it on. The brand sent me samples of the sunscreen to test out, and I was immediately wowed by the cream; frankly, it's one of the best sunscreens I've ever tested as a lifestyle shopping writer.

Typically, the SPF 30 lotion by Bask comes in an easy to carry tube, but it's so popular that the original has already sold out. Thankfully, you can still get the same formula now in a special limited edition Black Ribbon bottle that the brand created. Better yet, proceeds from the bottle's sales will be donated to The Skin Protection Foundation as part of Bask Suncare's supportive efforts this Skin Cancer Awareness Month.

Bask SPF

To buy: $26; basksuncare.com.

The best part about Bask's sunscreen is that it really does feel as lightweight as whipped cream. Most sunscreens I've come across can feel tacky, sticky, and so greasy that I immediately have to wash my hands multiple times after applying, but Bask's lotion blends so easily into your skin that I wouldn't be surprised if you mistake it as moisturizer. It's water-based, so it doesn't feel heavy, and is formulated with aloe to calm any redness.

Now, Bask's sunscreen is always the last thing I put on at the end of my skincare routine, but I'd never miss it. Since it's so smooth and doesn't feel sticky at all, I always look forward to reapplying it after two hours, too. The limited edition Black Ribbon bottle of Bask's SPF 30 lotion is selling out fast, so you'll want to grab it here before it's gone. Shop now at Bask for $26.

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