The Best Bar Soaps

Bar soaps have come a long way since you may have last used them. Instead of leaving skin more dry and scaly than you started, these new formulas can do everything from soothing eczema to treating acne. Looks like it might be time for you to raise the bar on your cleansing routine.


Little Barn Apothecary Sweetgrass + Lavender Soap Bar


This handmade soap bar is made with lavender and sweet grass essential oils that leaves behind a refreshingly green scent that’s not too natural but not too sweet. The coconut and olive oil gently clean skin without stripping, while aloe also soothes.

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Dove Beauty Bar


Unlike most soap bars that strip your skin and leave you dry, Dove beauty bars are made with moisturizing cream and more gentle cleansers. In fact, we’ve spoken to multiple dermatologists who swear by the Dove beauty bar as a facial cleanser. If it’s good enough for them—we can almost guarantee you’ll love it too! Good for face, hands, or body. Plus it’s available in 14 scents.

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Malin + Goetz Rum Bar Soap


While it’s not actually made of alcohol (bummer!), this rich, warm rum, almost vanilla-like, scent makes your shower feel like a cozy cottage in the English countryside. While it’s not overpowering, it does linger behind to keep skin smelling fresh all day.

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Yes to Tomatoes Activated Charcoal Bar Soap


If unruly skin is your problem, this bar soap might be your answer. Made with activated charcoal, it pulls out impurities like dirt, oil, and bacteria to get skin extra clean without irritating or leaving you dry.

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SheaMoisture Raw Shea Chamomile & Argan Oil Baby


Try this baby formula for sensitive skin. It’s made with organic shea butter, coconut oil, and chamomile to help soothe red or irritated skin. And the fragrance comes from natural vanilla extract, so you don’t have to worry about irritation there either.

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Farmaesthetics Saltwater Rain Bath & Beauty Bar


Who knew a bar soap could be so luxurious? The formula—made with purified rain water (from melted snow!), olive oil, aloe vera juice, and coconut—is so nourishing on skin. Plus, it uses organically grown herbs and flowers to add texture (to help exfoliate), color, and a soft natural scent.

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