Thanks to This Face Oil, Shoppers Say Their Skin Looks 'Tighter and Brighter Than It Has in a Long Time'

The money-saving find is even cheaper right now.

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Rosehip Seed Oil for Face and Skin by Kate Blanc

You can easily spend a fortune on skincare. It's difficult to walk through Sephora without being swayed by seemingly new ingredients, flashy packaging, and beautiful fragrances—yet outside the beauty wonderland, all too often splurges transform into bitter disappointments. Which is why there's so much to be said for pared-down face oils with certified ingredients, like rosehip oil.

If you've yet to try out the skincare hero, soon you'll want to bathe in it. Rosehip oil is ultra-rich in vitamin A, which is made up of compounds including retinoids—so you get a heady anti-aging impact, plus anti-inflammatory action from the ingredient's omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids (another anti-aging benefit, and one that nixes the flakes retinol alone can trigger). Rosehip oil also includes lycopene and beta carotene, two powerful antioxidants that fend off free radicals and lighten hyperpigmentation.

And according to shoppers, finds like Kate Blanc's organic rosehip face oil put other anti-aging products to shame. "Absolutely astounding results," wrote one shopper. "Upper lip wrinkles are almost gone on the right side, and [other] wrinkles are diminished dramatically." Another reviewer added that the oil "works wonders to add a bit of youthful dewiness to your skin" in the short-term, and "using it pretty much ensures that I don't wake up with bags, lines, and wrinkles around my eyes—which is great! I look rested all day."

Rosehip Seed Oil for Face and Skin by Kate Blanc

To buy: $25 (was $36);

Just call it the cure to needless spending: As customers attest, once rosehip oil is in your routine, straying becomes unnecessary. "I bought this because I was tired of not having any results with the millions of expensive serums and creams that I have bought," a happy shopper wrote. "It's almost been a month, and I think my skin looks tighter and brighter than it has in a long time."

The effects extend beyond wrinkle repair, too. "My milia are falling off, my pores [look like they] are shrinking, and my dark circles have also gotten way lighter," another person said—but again, the effect on creases is undeniable. "Fine lines and wrinkles are less noticeable, and overall [my] skin looks healthier, brighter, and more plump."

Speaking to the brightening point, over 50 shoppers highlight how the oil faded their dark marks, with most mentioning that they saw a significant reduction within a month. It even tackles stretch marks and scars that people have been trying to get rid of for years, within that same four-week time frame—although some say they saw results within two weeks. And for acne, one person with cystic bumps says it minimized them overnight.

Reviews titled "Why did I wait so long?!" and "Miracle oil" are typical, which pretty well indicates the level of satisfaction. As does the oil's overwhelmingly positive ratings: Over 7,000 people dubbed it worth five stars. "This oil must be the real deal, because I got very visible and fast results," wrote a last fan. "Skin tone, clarity, and texture improved noticeably, and sunspots really faded a lot. I am so glad I found this and tried it. It's going to save me tons of money and time by taking the place of several other products."

Try the beloved rosehip oil for yourself while it's $25, marked down from its typical $36 tag.

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