Calling all beauty fanatics! Foreo sales are rare—this is your chance to get one for cheap.

By Madison Alcedo
July 15, 2019
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Let’s be honest: While you could use Amazon to conveniently restock household essentials like paper towels and trash bags, it’s way more fun to shop for beauty products—you know, the ones you probably don’t need. If you’ve ever gone down a rabbit hole of the beauty section on Amazon, reading reviews to decide which anti-aging cream or lash serum is worth it, you’re not alone. (We’ve been there too.)

While any other time spent constantly refreshing Amazon throughout the work day would be frowned upon, we hope you’ve done it on repeat today because this year’s Amazon Prime Day beauty sales are epic, and we’re not just saying that. With a full 48 hours to shop, 2019’s Prime deals are some of the best yet.

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If you’re obsessed with your skincare regimen but haven’t invested in a face-cleaning device yet, the FOREO LUNA 2 is one of the best beauty gadgets for slowly implementing a cleansing device into your daily routine—plus, it’s even an anti-aging superhero. Luckily for you, from now until the end of Prime Day on July 16, you can shop three FOREO devices for up to 47 percent off—these beauty deals mean business! 

What makes the FOREO devices so effective in cleaning your face and preventing bacteria build-up is that each one uses an innovative T-Sonic cleansing system, which helps remove up to 99.5 percent of dirt, makeup, and oil buildup on your skin to reveal your true glow. While the LUNA 2 is available in four different versions depending on skin type (combination, normal, oily, or sensitive), the LUNA Mini 2 can be used on all skin types, and FOREO has even created a men’s LUNA 2, which acts as a great pre-shave deep-cleansing tool and exfoliator.

It’s a two-minute addition to your skincare regimen that you’ll thank yourself for later. Not only will your skin feel cleaner, the massage from the device ultimately helps increase circulation, allowing more oxygen to flow to the targeted areas on your face. More oxygen means more opening your pores to fully unclog and detoxify the skin, and who doesn’t want that? Don’t forget to activate the one-minute anti-aging mode after cleansing, too. 

To see for yourself why the FOREO devices have become such a fan-favorite product (with more than 20 million people worldwide using them daily!), shop the FOREO deals below before they end on Amazon. 

FOREO LUNA 2 Personalized Facial Cleansing Brush & Anti-Aging Face Massager

To buy: $106 (was $199);

FOREO LUNA Mini 2 Facial Cleansing Brush for All Skin Types

To buy: $90 (was $139);  

FOREO LUNA 2 for Men Face Brush and Anti-Aging Device for Deep Cleansing 

To buy: $110 (was $199);

Photos: Courtesy of Amazon