FOREO’s latest facial cleansing brush is the skincare device you never knew you needed.

By Madison Alcedo
Updated June 14, 2019
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Foreo Luna 3 Anti-Aging Face Cleansing Device
Credit: FOREO

When it comes to skincare routines, consistency of products is key to seeing long-lasting effects, especially if you’re concerned about wrinkles or sun spots. And while your beauty routine might be filled with all of the best anti-aging products, there might be one tool that’s missing.

If you haven’t yet ventured into facial cleansing brushes, allow us to introduce you to the FOREO LUNA. While it might seem small in size, it’s become such a cult-favorite product among beauty fanatics that more than 20 million people worldwide use one of the brand’s five devices. And with even more features than FOREO’s current lineup, the company just launched its sixth version, the LUNA 3, which is currently sold exclusively on Amazon.

While you may be wondering what sets this version apart, the LUNA 3 differs from its predecessors because of its bigger brush head, softer touch points that can easily glide across your skin without any irritating pulling, and 16 different pulse settings to choose from. Since the LUNA 3 is 100 percent waterproof, its silicone, non-porous material dries quickly and doesn’t cause any bacteria build-up. And with its silicone touch points and T-Sonic technology (8,000 pulsations per minute!), the new LUNA 3 simultaneously cleans your face by removing excess oil and sebum while also providing a firming face massage. Not only does this help reduce fine lines and wrinkles, but it also helps your skincare products better absorb into your face.

How to Use the FOREO Luna 3
Credit: FOREO

If you’ve ever been skeptical about trying a face-cleaning device because you’re wary of breakouts, what’s great about the LUNA 3 is that it comes in three different color-coded versions for varying skin types: purple for sensitive skin, pink for normal skin, and blue for combination skin. And if you’ve ever washed your face but have noticed some hard-to-reach areas around your nose and mouth don’t seem as clean as they could, the curvature of the LUNA 3 helps get to those pesky parts of your face.

Since even beauty devices (like this Sonicare toothbrush) seem to be powered by a smartphone app these days, you can control all of LUNA 3’s massage routines via the FOREO For You App. But what I love most about the device is that it only takes one minute to complete the full massaging routine, so you’re essentially not adding any extra time to your skincare routine in the morning or night.

A smooth, younger-looking appearance in one minute while also receiving a facial-like treatment? I’m officially going to start using the LUNA 3 as my newest form of daily self-care, and you should too.

FOREO LUNA 3 Smart Personalized Facial Cleansing Brush and Anti-Aging Facial Massager

FOREO Luna 3 Amazon
Credit: FOREO

To buy: $199;

Photos: Courtesy of FOREO