This Anti-Aging Serum Is a 'Miracle Worker' for Wrinkled Skin and Fine Lines

Even people spending hours outside see massive results.

Dermalogica Overnight Repair Serum

While the summer season has officially finished, the time for outdoor activities is still going strong. Not only does spending time outside help you gain distance from the many, many hours you may have spent indoors over the past year, but fall brings harvest festivals, refreshingly crisp air, football season, and even the chance to stay in a giant potato hotel (seriously). And according to avid outdoorsmen, Dermalogica's Overnight Repair Serum keeps their skin looking soft and smooth despite hours in the sun.

"Love, love, love the smell, [and] how it makes my skin soft and reduces fine lines," writes one shopper. "I have girlfriends ask me how I keep my [skin] looking soft and not dry after being out in the sun all day." More people second the anti-aging serum's wrinkle-reducing ability: "I couldn't believe the results after just a week. Lines were visibly reduced, skin was hydrated. Just in case my mind was playing tricks on me, I stopped using it when the bottle ran out—what a mistake. Will never do that again."

Taking a look at the formula, the ingredients responsible make for a bouquet that'd put a master florist to shame. Sunflower seed oil, argan oil, musk rose oil, purslane extract, ylang-ylang oil, jasmine oil, rose flower oil, basil oil, geranium oil, carrot seed oil, rosewood oil, curry tree leaf oil, clove flower oil, and rosemary leaf extract are basically a bottled homecoming float (so the serum is packed with protective antioxidants), and they're joined by a skin-firming peptide to give your skin a hefty boost.

Dermalogica Overnight Repair Serum

To buy: $67;

Per reviewers, the proof is in the pudding. "Love this serum. [It] definitely hydrates my skin and repairs free radicals and lines—it's a miracle worker," says one person. Another echoes that the serum is "magical," with nightly use melting away wrinkles in record time. "I got this because I'm starting to get fine lines all over, and I woke up with a smooth face," writes one more enthusiast. "Well worth the money."

Skin elasticity, moisture, and firmness also increase (thanks to that peptide at work), the fast-absorbing oil smoothing away crinkles around shoppers' eyes, lips, and forehead. On top of the long-term results, devotees add that they see immediate benefits, with "radiant," even dewiness swapping in for dry, dull texture. And the benefits extend to minimizing pores and breakouts, leading reviewers' estheticians to point them towards the product.

"For two decades I used expensive department store products, yet watched my skin steadily age," writes another fan of the results they saw in a week. "Dermalogica products have turned that around, and really deliver what they say they do. Love the scent, too! Even though it's expensive, the serum lasts a LONG time."

If you're looking to spend some quality time in the sun before things get frosty, the Overnight Repair Serum will make it look like you never left the shade. Try it for yourself at Dermalogica's website.

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