Endless youth has never been more affordable.

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Anti-aging products may be one of your favorite beauty splurges, but as your wallet likely already knows, these miracle products don't come cheap. Lucky for us, there are plenty of amazing anti-aging skincare products on sale for Labor Day.

We've rounded up the absolute best age-defying products (that actually work) at a fraction of what they usually cost. But you'll have to hurry if you want to get in on the deal, these sales won't last long.



One of the best gifts you can give your skin, for both preventing and fighting the appearance of signs of aging, is the power of hydration. Hyaluronic acid—this serum's key ingredient—is said to hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water, which makes it an excellent candidate for attracting moisture to your skin.

Apply this product day or night onto slightly damp skin, and then follow up with a moisturizer.

To buy: $64 (Originally $80); dermstore.com



While chemical exfoliation is often associated with improving texture or tackling acne, it's also an important part of preventing and treating aging. These pads contain willow bark extract, a natural source of salicylic acid, to gently clear excess sebum from your pores. Exfoliation also promotes the turnover of skin cells, which keeps your complexion looking baby-fresh.

To buy: $14 (Originally $25); urbanoutfitters.com



A silk pillowcase is a luxury with a purpose—the ultra-smooth fabric prevents tugging on your skin while you sleep, and has the added benefit of being fantastic for your hair, too. You can put bed head to rest for good, while you supercharge your beauty sleep.

To buy: $68 (Originally $85); dermstore.com



You've heard of jade rollers, but this facial massaging tool is taking anti-aging devices to the next level. The two rolling nodes work together to help define the curves of your face—your brow area, your cheekbones, and around your mouth—by activating your lymphatic system. This device uses solar energy to power micro-currents which help stimulate circulation, lending an immediately more awake look.

To buy: $128 (Originally $160); dermstore.com



Vitamin C brightens, lifts hyper-pigmentation, offers a layer of defense from the sun, and is a crucial antioxidant for any anti-aging skincare routine. This Murad complex combines stable vitamin C with other highly beneficial ingredients like urea—which is both a humectant and exfoliant—and a broad selection of moisturizing agents like jojoba esters and prickly pear.

To buy: $63 (Usually $90); sephora.com



No anti-aging regimen is complete without a retinol product. This eye serum by Dr. Dennis Gross does the heavy lifting in your routine, putting the Vitamin E to work smoothing wrinkles, tightening skin, and improving overall texture. The added ferulic acid evens out your complexion, while glycolic and mandelic acids lightly exfoliate.

To buy: $56 (Originally $69); dermstore.com



No skincare routine is complete without sunscreen. It's impossible to over-emphasize the importance of properly protecting your skin from UVA and UVB rays from both a health and beauty perspective. And the best sunscreen is whichever one you'll use consistently. This SPF-containing moisturizer looks elegant and is a pleasure to use, plus it contains peptides that actively work to reverse aging and firm the skin.

To buy: $60 (Originally $100); sephora.com