This facial oil smells amazing and leaves my face glowing.

By Christina Butan
Updated January 25, 2019
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Miracle skincare products are super hard to find—believe me, I would know. As someone with super oily, acne-prone skin, I’m always on the hunt to discover the best products that will ease my redness and oil production, but can also treat occasional (and super annoying) dry and flaky patches.

Finding the right nighttime moisturizer has been the hardest part of this journey. So many moisturizers either leave my skin feeling totally unquenched, or make my face greasier than ever by morning. Eventually, I abandoned all hope for cream moisturizers and started trying out oils—which is how I found this Bulgarian rose oil on Amazon.

My search initially started for rosehip oil, which has been shown to work wonders on acne, scars, and wrinkles due to its fatty acids content and anti-inflammatory properties. But I ended up coming across the next best thing, which is this blend of rosehip oil, jojoba oil, and rose essential oil. On its own, rose essential oil is super hydrating and antiseptic, and jojoba oil is not only a great carrier oil for it, but it’s also super absorbent and balances both dry and oily areas of your skin.

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Hera Nature’s Antioxidant Rose Oil is the only moisturizer I’ve tried that leaves my skin absolutely glowing. After a rough day, I actually look forward to using it as the last step in my nightly routine. My skin drinks it up so that it’s fully absorbed, but it also leaves a soft and supple, hydrated feeling at the same time. The oil itself smells divine—using it not only calms down my skin, but the subtle waft of roses makes me feel happy and at ease. If you’re sensitive to strong scents (like me!), rest assured that the smell of this product is not overpowering. Plus, I love that it works for all types of skin concerns. Whether you suffer from acne, super-dry skin, or are looking for something to slow down aging skin, this facial oil does it all.

My skin texture has definitely improved after using this oil for the past two years. While I still struggle with oiliness and breakouts, it’s decreased my acne and oil production, so my skin is much smoother and hydrated than it ever was before—and I don’t have to worry about any wrinkles sneaking their way through any time soon.


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