These 75-Cent Washcloths Transformed My Skin

Shoppers save $300 a year thanks to them.

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Amazon Basics Fast Drying, Extra Absorbent, Terry Cotton Washcloths

As a beauty writer, I'm constantly on the lookout for new tips to help guarantee clear skin and shiny hair. That means interviewing beauty experts, from dermatologists and estheticians to celebrities known for their glowing skin. Over time, the advice repeated time and again seeps into my brain and stays there—and few tricks are as frequently cited as one: If you want happy, acne-free skin, change your washcloths often.

If you have an easily accessible washer and dryer, that's easy enough, but I live in an apartment without on-site laundry, which complicates things. So given the choice between recurring zits and frequently lugging laundry down the block, I took the unspoken third option. I bought a hell of a lot of washcloths on Amazon, and for 75 cents each, a 24-pack has entirely saved my skin.

I didn't know exactly what to expect from Amazon Basics' line of cotton terry cloth washcloths, but I (and the 22,000+ other Amazon shoppers who rated them five stars) have been immensely happy with the purchase. The material is thin but soft, super absorbent, and fast-drying, and even when I drop my laundry off for wash and fold, the washcloths are so durable they come back feeling like new. They're available in plain white, gray, ice blue, seafoam green, petal pink, and lavender, all of which hardly fade.

Amazon Basics Fast Drying, Extra Absorbent, Terry Cotton Washcloths

To buy: $18;

Going by the 7,000+ five-star reviews, other shoppers are just as impressed as I am. "Thanks to targeted ads (I can't believe I'm saying that), I found Amazon Basics' wash cloths," writes one person, who details the linens' impressive performance both in the bathroom and kitchen. "Just the right thickness to be able to lay over the sink and reuse. I will not buy any other from here on out!"

The shopper adds that the tight weave stands up to daily floor mopping, drying dishes, pet and kid messes ("Makes for a strong towel that a dog and toddler can't rip when they're playing tug of war!"), teething babies, absorbing water under plants, removing makeup, and even as hand towels in their "nice" bathroom — and after all that, the whites hold up through bleach and hot water. The reviewer concludes that the washcloths are an exceptional product for an exceptional price, and at $18, they easily best washcloths triple the price.

Used in the kitchen, another shopper was shocked at the savings — they previously spent $300 a year on paper towels, and the $18 pack fully replaced the expense. But even shoppers who originally ordered them for cleaning use say they were so impressed by the thick and soft quality, they held onto several for drying their face. An esthetician in the comments even recommends them for "a spa experience at an amazing price;" throw in a face steamer and some plush eye cream, and it's almost like 2020 didn't happen.

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