I Tried This Nourishing 7-Day Skincare System, and My Skin Has Never Felt Better

A week of high-quality masks for $55.

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I have a fairly simple skincare routine that involves a retinol, a serum or two, and a moisturizer. There's not a whole lot to it, but I'm usually good about keeping up with it, so it works to keep my skin looking and feeling healthy. However, last month was a tad busier than others, and I found myself frequently skipping my nightly and morning routines. My skin responded to the neglect, as it started to feel dry and look dull. So I needed something to help restore it to its former glory. This 7-Day Skin Care System from the K-beauty brand, Aloisia Beauty, did just that.

The 7-Day Skin Care System comes with seven different masks, each named after their different properties and effects: Soothing Protection, Brightening Radiance, Ultra Nourishing Moisture, Deep Healing, Rejuvenating and Repair, Ginseng Vitality, and Aqua Ultra Moisturizing.


To buy: $55; aloisiabeauty.com

When I opened the first mask, I immediately noticed how much moisture was packed into the packet. My fingers were covered in the serum as I unfolded the mask to put it on my face, which I loved to see since my skin really, really needed to be flooded with nourishment.

As soon as the mask was on my face, I was enamored with the soothing feel of the serums—it felt as though a new life was being breathed into my skin with each passing minute I had the mask on. I also loved the feel of the fabric—it was lightweight, but not flimsy, and sat comfortably in place on my face.

Each mask incorporates polyglutamic acid and sodium hyaluronate, which helps give them their hydrating qualities. I knew my skin needed hydration, but I didn't realize how much until I felt these masks vigorously quenching its thirst. But hydration wasn't the only thing these masks gifted my skin. I don't like wearing makeup in the summer, which means my complexion is left without the extra burst of dewiness and radiance from my favorite foundation. However, these masks left my skin looking brighter and more radiant, and I was super happy with how my skin glowed on my makeup-free trips to the beach after I completed the week-long system.

If you're looking to give your skin some extra TLC or reboot your skin the same way I was, this 7-Day Skin Care System may be just what you need. Best of all, Aloisia Beauty is a cruelty-free brand, and you won't find any parabens or sulfates in these masks. If you want to learn more about what you'll be putting on your face, you can check out this list of ingredients you won't find in Aloisia's products on the brand's website. Just a little light reading as you let these masks seep into your skin and bring it back to life.

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